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Superintendent's Blog

GEO's School Choice Model:  Producing More High Quality College and Career Graduates

In recent years, the country has witnessed an explosion in school choice legislation aimed at empowering parents to access education options that best fit their children's needs. At the same time, GEO has been focused on providing actual school choice options that parents want most--schools that help students get more than tradition expects

2024 GEO Prep Kindergarten Graduation

I watched kindergarten students reading fluently and counting to 100 with ease (and they had fun doing it). These students are more than ready for 1st grade!  

Please Join GEO In Celebrating Students  "Beating the Odds"  May 1st in Gary,  May 7th in Indianapolis,  May 14th in Baton Rouge

If you are a regular reader of my emails and updates, you will know that I love to celebrate our scholars and their success. This year, we are taking our celebrations to the next level. And we want our friends to help us celebrate our students.

We will recognize each of our students for earning one year of college, a career certification, an associate degree and even a bachelor's degree while in our high schools.

First page of the PDF file: Reward-High-Schools-for-Supporting-Dual-Credit-Attainment

In 2023, the education reform movement mostly focused on the dramatic expansion of school choice policies across the country. From universal education savings accounts to the expansion of voucher eligibility, 2023 was a banner year for school choice. However, despite the focus on school choice policy, there was one little-noticed but powerful development in Indiana that could, especially if replicated in other states, set the stage for a dramatic expansion in the number of students who earn college credits while in high school. Read the full Article.

GEO Network Invests $1.5 Million To Cover College Costs,  Louisiana and Indiana High School Students  Earn College Credits/Degrees

It's worth it! That's what I say. Connecting students to real college and career programs while in our high schools makes all the difference in the world.

It started in 2011. GEO had a 5-alarm fire. A student was going to drop out of our Gary high school. We didn't want that to happen. Why was he dropping out? He didn't think he was college material. His family needed him to help cover the bills. He couldn't afford college.


New York Times Features Challenges in Gary,  Sports Illustrated Features a GEO Alum,  GEO is Changing the Narrative in Urban America

The New York Times and Sports Illustrated featured articles on Gary, Indiana this past week. The NYT article was about efforts to change the narrative of the Steel City, a city that has lost more than half its population and suffers from high unemployment and high crime. Standing in the shadows of the Chicago skyline, the media often call Gary the most miserable city in America.

Yes, We Want to Change the World...  And We Are, One Student, One City at a Time

It is only the second week of the new year and we are off to the races.

Georgetown University researcher and policy director for FutureEd, the education reform arm of Georgetown, featured our Baton Rouge students who expect to earn full associate degrees in May BEFORE graduating from our high school in a column for The74, a nationally respected education reform newsletter. You can read her column here